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Free Pattern: Boneyard-Inspired Fingerless Mitts

I made these fingerless gloves to match my mini Boneyeard Shawl. My shawl is quite a bit smaller than the original pattern by the fabulous Stephen West and fits more like a kerchief. I really love the simple, crisp purl ridges of Stephen’s design but, because I never wear a shawl over my shoulders, was worried they would get lost in a large piece looped around my neck. The smaller shawl fit perfectly and, when worn, created softly curving purl lines that made me swoon.

In honor of those lovely purl stitches and the lines that they make, I grabbed my notebook, needles and yarn and set to work making an accessory’s accessory: Boneyard-Inspired Fingerless Mitts.

The Pattern:

materials needed - 3 size 7 (4.5 mm) dpn

1 skein Hillside Linen (100 g/219 yd, 5 st = 1” on US 7) or other dk weight yarn, especially since this one is sadly discontinued

(I used less than 1 skein, definitely less than 200 yd)

stitch marker

abbreviations: K = knit, P = purl, st = stitch, CO = cast on, BO = bind off, pm = place marker

CO 34 st, join in the round, pm

round 1 - K1 round

round 2 - K3, P1, K16, P1, K to end of round

round 3 - K4, P1, K16, P1, K to end of round

round 4 - K5, P1, K16, P1, K to end of round

continue as above, purling one stitch later than the previous round, for 3”

after 3” - what you’re about to do is bind off 6 st for your thumb hole. these bound off sts are evenly spaced between the 2 purl st in the round. so, knit until you get to the first purl stitch in pattern in that row, purl that stitch, K5, BO 6, K5, P1, K to end of round

next round - continue in pattern, CO 6 st where you BO using backward loop method

next round (and many after) - continue in pattern for 8”

begin garter st border

P a round, K a round until 7 garter ridges are complete (1 P round + 1 K round = 1 garter ridge. I did 7 because that’s how many I had in the edge of my shawl. adjust number of rounds in garter st border until you’ve reached your desired cuff length.)

BO using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off

Some notes about the pattern -

Most helpful hint I ever got for knitting on double pointed needles - to keep from having big ol’ saggy stitches between your needles, simply tighten the heck out of the first stitch on each needle by tugging on the working yarn before knitting the second stitch on each needle.

For those of you who have never used a backward loop CO, fear not if it is loose on the first round following your CO. Tighten up the CO sts while knitting them by tugging the working yarn before knitting each of these newly CO st and the first st after. It will all work out. I promise.

I cannot stress enough the need to use the recommended or equally stretchy bind off. The cuff end of the mitt needs to fit around your upper forearm which is undoubtedly thicker than your hand or wrist.

After you’ve knitted both your shawl and your mitts, put them on, play around with photo booth and you too can become a Boneyard Ninja!


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